My biggest fear is my bilge pump going out and my boat sinking. They use to get clogged all the time. After using these tablets every month, it keeps everything flowing smoothly down there. Everything is clearly visible and no longer nasty. I don't know why anybody wouldn't use these tablets, it could potentially save your bilge pumps which could save your boat.

D. W. - St. Augustine, FL

Having a 2006 Sea Ray 52, I never thought I would be embarrassed to bring over friends because it smelled terrible. It came from the bilge. I started using these tablets a month ago and the smell is already better! Not to mention, I can actually see my valves and bilge pumps now.

Scott Richardson - Pawleys Island, SC

You can't go wrong. It is very affordable for an effective cleaner. There is no more gunk build up on the hull. It has been keeping my seacocks, hose clamps, and valves shining. No longer afraid of USCG boarding my boat.

Kurtis P. - Ocean City, NJ