Cleansing Bilge Tablets (8 Pack)

Cleansing Bilge Tablets (8 Pack)


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It is critical to clean the daunting bilge of a vessel periodically due to the collection of stagnant or dirty water. This usually includes oil and gasoline/diesel which can make a hazardous environment in your boat. The bilge often gets overlooked when it comes to cleaning your boat. Not only can it make your boat smell from bacterial growth and ruin bilge pumps, but it can also create many other problems like creating hazardous environment if oil, gasoline, or diesel is built up in the bottom of your boat.


Many overlook the bilge due to knowing when you go to clean the bilge, you are in for a days worth of work. The Cleansing Bilge Tablet is here to save the day. Simply drop the required amount of tablets in the bilge once a month and you're done! No more elbow grease required from liquid cleaners and the dread of another upkeep maintenance on your boat. The first couple of months, the tablet is believed to break down any crud in the bilge as well as hazardous material. As a preventative measure, continue using the tablets once a month to prevent future build up from the bacteria in raw water seeping in. 


How to Use:

Use 1 tablet per 10' of boat length. Simply drop the tablet into the bilge water. If bilge is dry, add a small amount of water to submerge tablets. This product is biodegradable but you should follow all local, state, and federal laws and regulations when pumping out. Repeat once a month or as often as necessary to maintain a clean and odor-free bilge. 

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